Saturday, December 31, 2005

Guilty Pleasures - A Meme

Sam had this meme on Sam-a-rama and after he listed the people he wanted to respond he opened it up to his entire blogroll so I'm taking the challenge and I'll even add one at the end.

Guiltiest Song: This is hard for me. I don't listen to much popular music - I listen to CBC Radio 2 for heaven's sake which is pretty much all classical, and I have a great fondness for big bands. I mean it was on Radio 2 that I discovered The Blind Boys of Alabama's tremendous version of "Amazing Grace" done to the tune of "House Of The Rising Sun", but that can hardly be a guilty pleasure. I could mention "Nessun Dorma" as done (to death) by Pavarotti for his encore piece, but when it comes to a really guilty pleasure I have to go with a classic, not classical. It is none other than Elvis Presley singing "Viva Las Vegas".

Guiltiest TV: Is it a guilty pleasure when you tell everyone you meet to watch a particular show? If so then my guilty pleasure is and has been for a while The Amazing Race. I just got my season 1 DVD set which totally makes up for a frustrating week of getting to places where they had the Firefly set on sale... but were sold out. Well almost. I honestly believe that its the best of the realitycompetition shows, which is what makes it painful when they produce a poor season like the Family Edition. Fortunately the real Amazing Race is back this spring, starting in late February or early March.

Guiltiest Food: Sushi from Sobeys. I mean really, a sushi snob (someone who knows the difference between the various qualities of tuna), or even someone who likes to go to a restaurant and get some nigiri or maki from time to time would turn their nose up at this stuff but I just love it, mainly because I can usually get it for Sunday lunch with little difficulty. I usually alternate between the mixed combo and the smoked Salmon. How great is my devotion? I learned to use chopsticks so I could eat it properly.

Guiliest Drink: Forgot this when I originally posted. I rarely drink alcohol (an occassional glass of wine, preferablly white because I usually have a reaction to some components in red wines) , and I also don't drink coffee or tea (neve acquired the taste). What I do drink whenever I get the chance is a Double Gulp Dr. Pepper from 7-11. I used to survive on these until they shut down (and then bulldozed) the neighbourhood 7-11 almost a year ago.

Guiltiest Crush: I don't know how you can have a guilty crush. What makes a crush guilty? Inaccessibility? Some other quality that makes them forbidden fruit? I mean I've mentioned my erotic dreams about Martha Stewart and about Donald Trump's associate Caroline Keptcher, but if you really want to talk inaccessible how about Batgirl and/or Supergirl. Yeah I'm talking about the ones in the comic books, not Dinah Meyer (although I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers) or Helen Slater (ditto), but the comic book versions were hot. But when it comes to crushes I guess I have to say Emily Procter, who plays Calleigh Duquesne on CSI: Miami. I enjoyed her and sort of had a crush on her on those episodes of West Wing that she did, and I did in fact see that scene in the TV movie Breast Men (and I can safely say that David Schwimmer is a lucky bastich for being in that scene) but it's Calleigh that really does it for me. There's one scene in the current season that sums it up for me. Calleigh has just retaken the ballistics lab from the slacker who was hired to replace her (after she quit because her ex-lover blew his brains out in front of her in that room) and she's test firing a pistol; when she finishes her two shots she breaks into the single most beautiful smile I've ever seen. I'm in love!

Guiltiest Man Crush: I mean I don't swing this way but if there is one man that I find particularly hot in that sort of way it is none other than Mr. Allyson Hannigan, aka Alexis Denisof. Now everyone knows him as Wesley from Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel, but I first became aware of him when he played the villainous Lord Rossendale in the last three episode of the Sharpe series. Rossendale is a cad and a bounder as well as a coward, but looking at a picture like this, one can readily understand why Sharpe's half-witted wife dropped her knickers at the merest indication that he would consider such a creature as she (but of course he was interested in her - she had all of Sharpe's not inconsiderable fortune).

Guiltiest New Fad: I'm addicted to doing Sudokus. I wish someone had bought me a book of them

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