Monday, December 19, 2005

New Poll - What Was The Best New Show Of Calendar 2005?

In our year end round-up we've surveyed the worst new show of 2005 so it's only fitting that we now turn to the bestnew show of the year. And the nominees are:
  • The Office - the NBC version of the hit BBC series

  • My Name Is Earl - NBC's comedy about a man trying to reay oll the bad things he's done

  • Numb3rs - The CBS series about a mathematician who helps his FBI agent brother solve crimes

  • Commander In Chief - ABC's series about the first Woman President of the United States

  • Everybody Hates Chris - The fictionalised version of Chris Rock's childhood on UPN

  • Prison Break - Fox's series about an engineer trying to bust his wrongly convicted brother out of death row
As usual, feel free to comment here and tell me what series you think I should have put on the list.

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