Monday, December 12, 2005

New Poll - What Was The Worst New Show Of Calendar 2005?

While Christmas is occupying our attentions, we shouldn't forget that the end of the year, with it's tradition of Best and Worst lists is coming up. With that in mind I present the first of three end of the year poll questions.

It's always more fun to pick the Worst rather than the Best, but I've got two bests and Worst is first. What was the worst network TV show to debut in the 2005 calendar year? (Note that I did say the calendar year which allows me to do a season long poll at the end of the year.)

Just to refresh your memory - because some of these came and went so fast that even the people who were in them don't remember them - the six contenders are:
  • Blind Justice - a blind cop with a dog and a gun. Replaced NYPD Blue on ABC.
  • Stacked - Pamela Anderson in a book store. On Fox
  • The Law Firm - A wannabe Apprentice with lawyers. Lasted two episodes on NBC in the summer before being dumped onto Bravo.
  • The War At Home - Fox moved Arrested Development off of Sunday nights for this.
  • Head Cases - Another Fox series, this one lasted a whole three episodes. I confess I liked the pilot and some of the cast but didn't see enough to have an opinion.
  • Just Legal - This time The WB cancelled a show after just three episodes. Come on this is The WB - they don't cancel shows after three episodes!
Please feel free to comment here and if there are worse shows that debuted in 2005 that you can think of feel free to mention them.

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