Friday, September 23, 2005

And The First Show Cancelled Is...

Head Cases

Alas poor Head Cases we hardly knew you. I only had a chance to tell the world why I couldn't review you based on the Pilot because I knew you would change once the first episode ended and then I missed your second ep. Your swan song (has anyone actually heard a swan sing by the way?). Your Waterloo. Your "pining for the fjords" moment. In short your death rattle. And I can't even find a picture to go with your obituary.

What killed you Head Cases? Surely it wasn't your cast - Chris O'Donnell is impossibly handsome (even a straight guy like me can see that) and if ever someone was born to play someone who was mentally unbalanced it was Adam Goldberg. The concept may not have been the greatest but other shows have recovered from weak concepts. I think I know what it was gentle Head Cases: you were on opposite Lost which meant that your ratings would never rise above anemic and you were on Fox, a network notorious for shooting shows at a moments notice on Rupert "Bloody" Murdoch's merest whim.

So what's the next sacrificial lamb to head to the slaughter in this slot Rupie boy?

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