Sunday, September 25, 2005

New Poll

I've finally launched a new poll: What night has the most shows that you "must see". I have a couple of ideas to go along with this. One is to run the same question at the end of May, at the end of the main TV season. The other is to run the poll at the end of January and at the end of May. This should give a fairly accurate picture of the preferences of the readers of this blog as series are cancelled and the season evolves. Another idea I want to work with as a gauge of audience taste will show up next week so I don't want to reveal too much.

Admittedly blog readers are a lousy sampling of public preferences simply because blogs tend not to be that important or widely read. It may explain why Google has launched a separate Blog search engine, because blogs tend to pollute the results generated by the main Google search engine - and by the way, thanks to Leo Laporte and the gang over at the This Week In Tech podcast for revealing this. With few exceptions blogs aren't widely seen or read, and aren't real journalism. We can talk a lot about how good our blogs may (or may not) be but this tends to self-adulatory. Then again I've never seen myself as anything but an amateur expressing my own opinions, just as I did when I published a Diplomacy zine. This is only a hobby and a way to vent and if people enjoy reading it so be it. And if you do enjoy reading it - or even if you don't - you might want to help make my latest poll more valid by voting in it.

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