Wednesday, April 26, 2006

New Poll - Which of these TV Shows from 1985-1995 has the best original theme music?

So here's the weird thing. I was going through the lists of shows from 1985-1995 and I can't get over just how many of them I can't remember the themes to. It's like there's a colossal black hole between 1993-94 and somewhere around 1987 or '88 where nothing really sticks out, let alone anything really good. I have a suspicion that part of this was one of those gaps where producers were saying that "the TV theme song is dead, it takes up too much time." There were also several shows that had themes that weren't original. I loved Doc Severinsen's version of Georgia On My Mind for Designing Women but it was Georgia On My Mind. The same goes for In The Heat Of The Night which used Quincy Jones' music from the original movie. The Cosby theme - which is included - changed each year in the style of music and the way it was presented but it was always the same song (composed by Bill Cosby and Stu Gardner).

Maybe some of you can remember themes from shows like Head Of The Class that aired during my "black hole" period. If so remind me of them in comments.

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