Monday, April 10, 2006

Poll Results - Which of these shows was the best "prematurely cancelled" show?

This poll had one of the best turnouts that I've seen of late. I'm not exactly sure why but it is gratifying. Maybe it's because deep down all of us can remember series that we loved and which were cancelled far too soon. Not that any of you gave me any ideas of what they would be - well except for Ivan who let me know that I was wrong for not including the Dennis Leary series The Job. This time Ivan may have a point when he says that Dennis Leary is an acquired taste. That's true and I will confess that I liked his performance in the remake of The Thomas Crown Affair - he was the second best thing in the movie...and if you have to ask what the best thing was you need to either see the film again ore get your eyes examined. Oh yeah, and Hal Horn backed him up on The Job and also mentioned Sledge Hammer. If I do a follow-up poll - and I might - that'll be on it.

Ah, but we're getting slightly off topic. Here are the results. There were 18 votes. In a tie for sixth place, with no votes were Action and Crime Story. In a tie for fourth place with one vote each (5% of the total) were Wonderfalls and Arrested Development. In third place with two votes (11%) was Sports Night. In second place with six votes (33%) was Firefly. And the winner, with eight votes (44% of the total votes cast) was The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

As for myself, I'm glad I didn't vote - I would have been wracked with indecision since there were three shows on that list that I really really liked - Firefly, Sports Night, and Crime Story. I'd probably have eliminated Firefly because I know that the "Browncoats" would be out in force, so then it comes down to Crime Story and Sports Night. I absolutely loved the ensemble acting in Sports Night, including Joshua Malina, Sabrina Llloyd, Robert Guillaume and Felicity Huffman. On the other hand the cast of Crime Story was incredible as well - Dennis Farina, John Santucci, Stephen Lang, Anthony Dennison, Bill Smitrovich, Bill Campbell, Ted Levine and Andrew Dice Clay - and to top it off it had as its theme a new version of "Runaway" performed by Del Shannon himself. How do you decide between two shows like that?

A new poll will be up as soon as I come up with something.

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