Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Poll Results - Which of the following TV Shows has the best original opening theme music?

Another poll with a good voter turnout so much so that I think I'll continue an a similar theme for a while with theme songs from the past. Maybe by going in 10 year increments we'll construct a list of the "Best TV Show Themes Ever". But first, the results of this poll.

Logging in with no votes and in ninth place was the theme from NCIS, which is actually a personal favourite of mine (or it wouldn't have been on the list!). Apparently it is the first effort from the composers Matt Hawkins, Maurice Jackson and Neil Martin. There's a logjam in fourth place with one vote (6%) each for Gray's Anatomy, Smallville, ER, Crossing Jordan and Cold Case. I think you'll agree that this is a fairly diverse group in terms of styles. In third place with two votes (13%) is the theme from House.

This brings us to the two top vote getters. They're both older pieces of music (but not as old as the ER theme) and instantly recognisable. The theme from Law & Order finished in second place with three votes (20%). It is probably the theme that is heard most often on TV as it is the only theme with variations - there are differences between how the theme is presented from the original show to the two existing spin-offs, to the now defunct Trial By Jury and maybe even to Crime & Punishment the reality show that NBC ran for a couple of summers and which was under Dick Wolf's Law & Order umbrella. However Our winner, with five votes (33%) is the theme from The West Wing. It's a worthy choice. From the drum solo that constitutes what I suppose you could call the "pre-theme" to the actual theme itself the music has a sort of power and bearing that reflects the majesty of the office of president (if not necessarily many of the incumbents in that office).

I should have a new poll up later today.

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