Saturday, December 23, 2006

New Poll - What network has the most shows that you MUST see?

Okay, continuing on with the theme of this midwinter polling festival, our next question is which of the five American networks has the most shows that you must see. I am specifying American broadcast networks because not everyone has access to cable, and even fewer of my readers have access to Canadian networks. In fact, if we were to broaden the definition of networks to include Global's stand-alone CH stations, the CITY-TV station group, and their subsidiary A-Channel, I would be able to say that most Canadians don't have access to all of the Canadian networks. But that's an issue for another day. As usual, feel free to leave comments here.

Also coming up in the next week will be my take on the year and such, which will take up the period between Christmas and Epiphany (which should give the more savvy among you a hint as to how I'm going to set it up).

Also, I'll be off on dog-sitting duty as my brother is going to spent Christmas Day with his fiancee, her son, and his soon to be in-laws. I'll be back Christmas night, but I want to wish all my friends and readers (not always an inclusive group) Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Fine Festivus, Joyous Kwanzaa, a belated Super Solstice and any other seasonal greetings you might be able to come up with. In other words, Happy Holidays!

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