Saturday, December 23, 2006

Poll Results - What night has the fewest shows that you MUST see?

Important stuff first - I have finished my Christmas shopping (Hurray!). For the record I'm right around where I wanted to be cost wise, but I got lucky in a couple of ways. There's a couple of other things I'll tell you about with my next post.

Now to the poll. This time around there were nine respondents. Tied for fifth place were Wednesday and Thursday nights with no votes. In a tie for third place with one vote each (11%) were Sunday and Monday nights. Solidly in second place was Tuesday night with three votes (33%). But the big winner, with four votes (44% of those cast) was Friday night.

Quite an interesting result. In last week's poll about the night with the most shows you must see Thursday got no votes and it got no votes in this poll. In short you don't like it or hate it. The other shocker for me was that the night that was categorized as having the most shows people had to see in last week's poll was also categorized as being second only to Friday as having the fewest shows people had to see. I'm not sure what we're seeing here with this result. I guess I could put it down to a wider polling sample this time around. The big vote getter was Friday, and I sort of half expected it. People keep telling me how Fridays are going the way of Saturdays and the US networks will be abandoning that night next. My contention is and remains that there is an audience for shows on Friday nights, but that it is a different sort of audience - parents who can't afford sitters, older people who want to stay in and rest after a long work week, and teenaged boys who can't get dates (the latter is what explains the popularity of The CW's Friday Night Smackdown).

What are my "Best" and "Worst" nights? Out of necessity the worst night is probably Monday since it has been my bowling night for 20 years. I used to try to tape a lot of stuff but right now I tape very little because I can never seem to find time to watch. I've got a backlog of Heroes episodes from practically the beginning, and there are a couple of Doctor Who episodes around here somewhere. As for best, that's currently Thursday. I watch five hours of major network shows - six if you count This Old House on PBS.

New poll up later today.

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