Saturday, December 30, 2006

Poll Results - What network has the most shows that you MUST see?

We interrupt the Twelve Days Of Christmas for the rather more mundane business of posting poll results. The question in this week's poll was "What network has the most shows that you MUST see?" Seven votes were cast. Finishing in fifth place with no votes was The CW. In a tie for third place with one vote each (14%) were ABC and CBS. Coming in in second place with two votes (28%) was NBC, while the first place finisher was Fox with three votes (42%).

I'm not sure what to make of this result. The Nielsen ratings continue to show that CBS draws the largest audiences for its shows, while it'd fairly safe to say that Fox seems rather uneven with its programming - either it's a hit like House, Bones, Prison Break and the Sunday night animation block or it's an unmitigated disaster. Maybe the biggest surprise was that NBC came in second. Then I thought about it. While NBC's line up was a disaster in many ways they do have a number of shows that are catching people's imaginations. Maybe not the great masses of people if the ratings for Friday Night Lights, 30 Rock and Studio 60 are to be believed, but I wonder how many of the great masses of people find their way to this blog?

New poll up later. Feel free to comment on my statements here. And maybe while you're at it you can explain why I can't seem to make the switch to the new version of Blogger. When I try they keep telling me that I've already tried to switch before and to check my email account for a message about the status of that attempt. The only trouble is that the last message I received about it was on November 13, telling me it had failed. The message was repeated five more times within three minutes of the first message.

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