Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It's National Gorilla Suit Day!

Sorry I'm late in posting this but I spent a little too much time celebrating Gorilla Suit Eve - you know how it is.

It's been a relatively quiet Gorilla Suit Day around here. The weather prevents the traditional throwing of banana peels. They tend to freeze and by the time they thaw out it is, well rather disgusting. Another problem around here because of the weather is that you can't always tell when people are wearing their Gorilla Suits until they get to a party. There is nothing more pathetic than wearing a Gorilla Suit under a parka. I am going to a party tonight - we even have Fester Bestertester pinata.

Anyway, while surfing the web for an appropriate picture to put here, I found the mother lode at this site and its attendant gallery page. But I still haven't found a picture of the infamous Wayne Shuster Gorilla Suit.

And now the traditional National Gorilla Suit Day music, courtesy of the Nairobi Trio.

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