Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Review Of Poll Comments

I knew 'Big Day' was basically going to be allowed to wrap things up, although probably sooner than they expected. And among most of the shows that I don't watch on that list, I had nothing really against them to merit giving them the thumb's down.

But there were two,for the most part equally balanced - '
Til Death' and '1 vs 100'.

However, I'll always go with a scripted show (no matter how bad) over a game show. So the Saget show goes.
- Tele-Toby
I understand the sentiment, although I have reservations because it strikes at one of my favourite of any type (you know it - The Amazing Race) which when it comes down to it is a game show.

Well....I have seen at least one or two episodes of most of these shows....except for basically anything on ABC at this point.

Wow ABC is terrible.....I have minutes worth of most of their recent shows if that.....They got really lucky with Lost because the rest of their programming is trash....and NBC seems to be following.

Fox and CBS are really starting to take over with prime time shows I'd say.

So anyway....I went with
30 Rock. The only real bright spot to that show is that Alec Baldwin(though I can not stand the man himself) is truly AMAZING. He has gotten better and better over the years as a comedic actor and he is just hysterical in everything he has been a part of recently. Why Tracy Morgan is still on TV at all is beyond me.....He should only appear on such shows as the Surreal Life or Armed and Famous because he is just completely unintelligent and unfunny. The fact that NBC axes a show like Kidnapped and yet 30 Rock is still on T.V. is pretty sad. - William
I'll probably disagree with you to a degree on NBC. Several of there shows are among my favourites, while I think that FOX made an absolute hash of their new line up, a problem which was compounded by the need to accommodate the Baseball playoffs. From the episodes I've seen of 30 Rock I can't say that I'm a huge Tracy Morgan fan but my problem its the actor or the way the character is written.

Thanks for putting this up and sorry that I missed your last poll (I would have totally voted for Kidnapped)! Wow, most of the shows on here deserve to be cancelled, I just don't see many that are really that worthy of television (especially since Kidnapped was cancelled) I voted for Heroes because it is being told that it is the best new show and everything like that, and I watch Heroes, but it lost all of the respect that I had towards it when NBC just started caring about that show instead of all their other shows (especially Kidnapped) I had to vote for Heroes!! - KMcMurray
Hazard of the business I'm afraid. Kidnapped wasn't cancelled due to a lack of quality but rather a lack of viewers. I put the blame for this squarely on NBC's programming chief Kevin Reilly for making a massive shift in the schedule in late May after ABC announced their schedule. I am convinced that if Kidnapped had debuted on Tuesday night opposite Boston Legal and Smith it would still be around, or at least would have been allowed to show 13 episodes.

I vote Heroes to go down! I watch the first 3-episodes and forced myself to sit through them; for me, so childish!
Now give me
Kidnapped as a rerun or as a revived second series, then you've got me hooked all over again! Kidnapped Rocks!!!
It's not going to happen. The best that anyone can hope for is that NBC and the production company will release the show as it exists on DVD. Considering some of the lesser material that gets released these days it is not beyond the realm of possibility.

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