Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy Canada Say 2006!

What more can I say. Here are the guys responsible for my country existing.
They are First row (from the front, listed left to right): Edward Whalen, Samuel Tilley, George Brown, Charles Tupper
Second row: W.H. Steeves, John Hamilton Gray, Alexander Campbell, Hector Langevin, Oliver Mowat, Thomas D'Arcy McGee
Third row: Charles Fisher, George Coles, J.C. Chapais, Étienne-Paschal Taché, Alexander Galt, J. Cockburn, William McDougall, J. McCully
Fourth row: W.A. Henry, E.B. Chandler, Adams G. Archibald, Georges-Étienne Cartier, Thomas H. Haviland, J.H. Gray, A. Macdonald
Fifth row: Hewitt Bernard, Ambrose Shea, John A. Macdonald, Peter Mitchell, W.H. Pope, J.M. Johnson
Sixth row (back): E. Palmer, F.B.T. Carter, R.B. Dickey

The image of the Quebec City Conference is actually a drawing that was a study for an oil painting that was commissioned in 1883 and is contains attendees from both the Quebec and Charlottetown meetings. The painting, by Robert Harris, was destroyed when the Canadian Houses of Parliament burned in 1916. There have been several modern recreations in colour, including one by Harris himself, commissioned after the fire and which currently hangs in Charlottetown.

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