Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Poll Results - Who SHOULD win the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy?

They say that a tie is like kissing your sister. Sometimes it is. Last week's results for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy was like kissing your sister the nun. On the other hand sometimes a tie is like kissing your hot (and possibly horny) cousin in that it holds out the promise of things that could possibly be (I never had a sister but I did have a hot and possibly horny cousin - but that's a whole other story). I think the result of this poll leans more towards the latter.

There were twelve votes, a significant improvement over our last poll. Coming in last was Charlie Sheen of Two And A Half Men with no votes. Probably correctly too, I never get a chance to see the show so I can't judge but that seems to be more of an ensemble cast, at least this year. In a tie for third place are Larry David for Curb Your Enthusiasm and Kevin James for King Of Queens. I was honestly surprised to see the vote for Kevin James since a lot of people seem to have the same opinion of this show as Will & Grace, increasingly unfunny. I would have expected Larry David to have received a somewhat higher vote count. Tied for first are Tony Shaloub for Monk and Steve Carrell for The Office. This is the "hot (and possibly horny)" cousin moment. I tend to lean a bit more towards Carrell than Shaloub, mainly because I've seen more episodes of The Office than of Monk but I think that both performances are excellent, giving us multidimensional portraits of their characters rather than the sort of stick figures that are found in so many comedies. The quality of the performances are essential to making their shows work - if they don't deliver then their respective shows are no better than something like According To Jim.

New poll up in the morning - right now my back is killing me.

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