Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Poll Results - Who SHOULD win the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama?

Wow, talk about a "kissing your sister the sister" moment this has to be one of the worst. This is probably the lowest voter turnout since I've been running polls on this blog. Only three of you bleepin' well voted! And it was another bloody tie!! What's the matter with you lot!?! Move your bleeping arses!!! (Can you tell that I watched Hell's Kitchen on Monday night. Say what you will about him I have a feeling Gordon Ramsay never has to worry about releasing bottled up frustrations.)

Okay, for the record here are the results, which prove nothing. Tied for fourth place with no votes are Martin Sheen of The West Wing and Peter Krause of Six Feet Under. Tied for first place are Christopher Meloni of Law & Order: SVU, Dennis Leary of Rescue Me and Kiefer Sutherland of 24. Yawn.

To the degree that anyone actually answered the question I think you got it right. I don't think too highly of Meloni, but then I don't watch the show. Dennis Leary's show is another one that I don't watch but in his case I think that the character and the storylines have far more depth than most of the other series. I think that Six Feet Under has been gone too long to really be considered in this category, and while I respect Martin Sheen's work on The West Wing in toto worthy of an Emmy, in Season 7 of the show, Josiah Bartlett was very much a supporting character in the series.

And yes Linda (and everyone else) Hugh Laurie did deserve an Emmy nomination. Give me a few hours and I could probably find some other actors who deserved nominations this year and didn't get them. But as the man said, don't hate the playa hate the game.

New poll up in the morning which will hopefully get a lot more votes than this one did. Please?!

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