Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy July 4th For Those Of You Who Celebrate it

I'm going to celebrate the anniversary of the day that those traitorous scum to the south - sorry, Americans - decided that Good King George wasn't good enough to lead them the way I usually do - by complaining about the CBS coverage of the Boston Pops concert and watching my copy of 1776. The movie is a veritable treasure trove of faces for the discerning TV viewer. Most of the cast came from the original Broadway show and a lot of them did soaps and bits in New York based series during the 1960s. Here are some faces that are a little more familiar.

Here's William Daniels (St. Elsewhere, Knight Rider, Boy Meets World) with Ken Howard (White Shadow, Crossing Jordan) with Howard DaSilva, who did a lot of guest shots after the Black List was lifted

Then there's Major Hochstetter himself Howard Caine (Hogan's Heroes of course).

One of the showiest parts of the film belongs to John Cullum (Northern Exposure and Mark Greene's dad on ER).

Here, dancing with William Daniels, is Blythe Danner most recently of Huff and mother of a girl with the name Gwyneth.

And how could we forget Governor Gene Gatlin from Benson, James Noble.

And this guy? The actor is Daniel Keyes, but more importantly the character is Dr. Josiah Bartlett of New Hampshire whose TV descendant and namesake Dr. Josiah "Jed" Bartlet recently left the office of President of the United States on The West Wing.

All kidding aside, to my American friends and readers, have a safe, happy and relaxed Fourth Of July - Independence Day - and be careful with those fireworks.

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